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Ronald Bearse

Risk Management, Business Continuity, Security & Emergency Preparedness

Mr. Ronald Bearse has been providing senior executives sound, actionable advice and counsel on managing risk in an increasingly complex and challenging threat environment for over 25 years.

Stephen Gregory

Sales, Online & Social Media Marketing, Product Development

Stephen Gregory is a multi-generational native of Cape Cod with a truly unique understanding of the special challenges of starting, operating and growing a business on Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts.

John G. Reeve

Strategy Development, Economic Analysis, and Public Policy

John Reeve is a management and economic consultant  who advises organizations in the private and public sectors on strategy development, economic analysis, and public policy involving domestic and international transportation and logistics services.

Warren Rutherford

Management & Leadership Expert in Practical Business Change

Warren J. Rutherford, founded Senior Business Consultants, LLC upon realizing that companies need a method to successfully navigate business change in increasingly competitive, complex environments that result from technological, regulatory, and market driven changes.

Tim Somadelis

Consulting Services, Program Management, Operations, Small Business

Tim Somadelis is an accomplished technical and business executive with over 35 years of experience in Professional Consulting Services, Project Management and Software Development.

Paul F. Taccini

Sales, Marketing, Executive Leadership

Paul Taccini is a seasoned executive with significant, hands-on general, marketing/sales management and operating experience. He has proven an effective change agent, successfully enhancing the profitability of each company where he was involved.