Stephen Gregory is a multi-generational native of Cape Cod with a truly unique understanding of the special challenges of starting, operating and growing a business on Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Steve’s areas of expertise include:

  • Market analysis, product conceptualization and image development,
  • Development and implementation of targeted marketing campaigns using various media, including print, video, web and social.
  • Creative approaches to using technology in marketing and business development,
  • Ability to look at existing business operations and visualize additional business opportunities,
  • Common sense, down to earth approach to the problems of local small businesses,
  • Development of collaborative approaches utilizing resources of business, government & individuals to further business development.

Over his forty year career he has been involved with commercial real estate acquisition, development, marketing and sales, working with local clients and corporations such as former telecommunications giant MCI, The Rouse Company and Trammel Crow. He has also participated in small business development, licensing and franchising, local, regional, statewide and national electoral and opinion politics and on-line marketing since the beginning of the ‘world wide web’. He has worked in and managed a wide variety of very small, small and medium sized businesses in the New England area in diverse industries such as lighting and electrical supplies, satellite communications, fine arts, crafts and jewelry, fine wines, gourmet chocolates and solar energy.

He studied marketing and literature at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and Philosophy at Cape Cod Community College.