Tim Somadelis is an accomplished technical and business executive with over 35 years of experience in Professional Consulting Services, Project Management and Software Development. In 1992 Tim founded and served as the President of The Soma Group, Inc., a custom systems & software automation services consulting company primarily serving the Semiconductor Equipment & Factory Automation market and more recently, the Biotechnology Equipment & Automation market.

Soma grew quickly to be ranked a top 500 US technology company by INC Magazine as well as Deloitte & Touche FAST-500/50 rankings in 1999. Keys to success include the development of strategic channel partners and domain expertise in order to deliver world class solutions while maintaining continuous improvement in expertise, processes and skill sets. During Soma’s history Tim has directly and indirectly overseen projects serving over 100 customer’s critical needs world-wide.

He sold majority assets of Soma in 2012 to allow Tim to focus on new opportunities and challenges with his extensive skill set.

Tim’s background includes a BS in Management/Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from that same institution. He holds a patent in factory automation entitled “Integrated Decoration of Articles” from his first role at Dennison Manufacturing. He maintains a strong relationship with his alma mater, where he is currently active as a member of the Tech Advisers Network helping WPI develop its entrepreneurship programs, as well as advising newly launched small businesses.

Tim’s consulting focus includes project management across multiple projects, organizational process and operations, financial cash flow planning, strategic channel/partnership development, business planning and problem mitigation, customer management/development.