Warren J. Rutherford, founded Senior Business Consultants, LLC upon realizing that companies need a method to successfully navigate business change in increasingly competitive, complex environments that result from technological, regulatory, and market driven changes. He understands that the competition for resources – human capital, financial, & products; businesses need flexibility in adapting to change in resources and market forces.

Warren is also the founder and President of Rutherford Advisors, Inc., the parent company of The Executive Suite, which it acquired in 2009. The company services clients nationally and internationally.

Warren’s expertise is understanding how to grow companies by improving management and leadership so that employees are more engaged and committed to company mission, vision, values, and purpose. An expert at talent management, business planning, and practical business change dynamics, Warren helps people learn what they excel at and helps companies develop systems and procedures to complement that excellence.

He is a Transition Planning Consultant certified by STPI, and Executive Search specialist, the Director of Coaching Programs for Innermetrix, Inc. where he certifies coaches internationally in Innermetrix Coaching Programs.

He has over 39 years’ expertise in business leadership and people management – to small and medium sized businesses, government organizations, and non-profits. He is an accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business, an accredited CMT-Master Mentor, a certified Innermetrix 5th Level Coach with certifications in Axiology, DISC, and Values, and a One Page® Business Plan Consultant (COPBP). He has a BA in Political Science from UMass Amherst and an MPA in Public Organization and Management from Northeastern University.